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American History is North Dakota history in many ways – with national landmarks across the state like Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, Fort Buford, the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, and more. With that history and tradition ingrained in the fabric of the state, many North Dakota men and women have chosen to serve in the U.S. Military.

Today – more than 39,000 U.S. Military veterans call North Dakota home and many have served overseas in a variety of wars, conflicts, and police actions. With 780,000 people in the state, veterans represent an estimated 5% of the state’s population – and many still struggle with service-related injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that impact their day-to-day lives.

Veterans who battle service-connected injuries, illnesses, or medical conditions each day may be eligible for disability benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and many may need the help of North Dakota VA disability attorneys. VA Benefits Attorneys is here to help and serve as your veteran disability attorney.

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FAQs About North Dakota VA Disability Benefits

We are here to help answer your veteran disability questions here at VA Benefits Attorneys – and we know you probably have more than a few. You may want to know if your injuries qualify for disability or why your disability claim was denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs. No matter what questions you may have about your benefits or the claims process, VA Benefits Attorneys has the answers you need.
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Are You Eligible for VA Disability Benefits in North Dakota?

The first question most veterans ask when they contact VA Benefits Attorneys is – am I eligible for disability benefits? We may be able to help.

Veterans who live in North Dakota must meet TWO initial criteria to qualify for veterans disability benefits – they must have an injury, illness, or medical condition that impacts their mind or body AND they must have served in the military on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty for training. 

To qualify for VA disability benefits, veterans who meet the initial criteria must ALSO have a service-connected injury, illness, or medical condition that fits into one of three claims categories set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • In-Service Disability Claim – The veteran became sick or injured while in the military and their current medical condition can be directly linked to their military service. 
  • Pre-Service Disability Claim – The veteran was diagnosed with an injury or illness prior to their military service that was made worse by their time in the military.
  • Post-Service Disability Claim – The veteran has an injury, illness, or medical condition diagnosed after their military service that can be connected to their time in the military.

What Are the Additional VA Benefits for North Dakota Veterans?

You may not know it – but disability benefits are not the only veterans benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who leave the military and want to start a family and own a home may be eligible for affordable, low-interest VA Home Loans. Veterans who hope to continue their education can apply for the GI Bill and receive tuition assistance. Additional veterans benefits include affordable insurance and medical care at VA facilities.

Contact your local U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs office for more information!

Who Qualifies for VA Disability Benefits?
What Injuries, Illnesses and Medical Conditions Qualify for VA Compensation?

Do My Injuries Qualify for VA Disability Benefits?

Do you battle a service-connected injury, illness, or medical condition? Do you have questions about your disability benefits? Do you wonder if your medical condition qualifies for disability benefits? VA Benefits Attorneys is here to help answer your questions.

Veterans of the U.S. Military have served in every clime and place and in a variety of conditions – with a long list of service-connected injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that can be connected to that service. Not all service-connected injuries are visible – and not all qualify for disability benefits. Here is a list of common service-connected injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that may make you eligible for disability.

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • PTSD – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Tinnitus and Hearing Loss
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Chronic Back, Neck, and Knee Pain
  • Select Types of Cancer
  • Select Types of Lung Disease
  • MORE…

How To Apply for VA Disability in North Dakota

The application process for VA disability benefits is pretty straightforward – but we know you may still have questions – and we can help at VA Benefits Attorneys.

North Dakota veterans can apply for disability online with the online application form at Complete the online form and submit it with the proper medical documentation to receive a disability rating. Veterans who may prefer to apply online can download and print the online application form and submit the completed form with their medical documents at the VA Regional Office in Fargo.

How Do I File for VA Disability in Wisconsin?
What Do I Do When a VA Disability Claim is Denied?

How To Appeal a Denied VA Disability Claim

Do you meet the criteria for disability benefits listed above? Have you had your VA disability claim denied? Most veterans don’t know it – but an estimated 30% of veteran disability claims are denied by the U.S. Department of Affairs – for a variety of reasons that include incomplete medical documentation and incomplete forms. 

We know that denied disability claims can be frustrating – but it does not have to be the end. With the help of VA Benefits Attorneys, you can appeal your denied claim with three methods – filing a Supplemental Claim, filing a Higher-Level Review, or submitting a Board Appeal. Contact VA Benefits Attorneys today for more information on how we can help you appeal a denied claim.

What Are the North Dakota State Veterans Benefits?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides our nation’s veterans with a solid foundation of benefits and support – but the federal government is not the only one to support veterans. Veterans who call the Peace Garden State home may be eligible for additional benefits provided by the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans benefits provided by North Dakota include healthcare for veterans and dependents, educational benefits for veterans and their families, loan and grant programs, tax incentives, outreach programs, employment benefits, burial services at veterans cemeteries, medical care at veterans homes, and much more.

Veterans who hope to use the benefits provided by the state can contact the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs for more information.

  • Veterans Home – Lisbon
  • Income Tax Exemptions for Active Duty and Reservists
  • Veterans Aid Fund 
  • Veterans Hardship Grant for Veterans and Families
  • PTSD Grant for Veteran Service Dogs
  • Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans
  • Veterans Preference for State Employment
  • Veterans Educational Training
  • Veterans Dependent Tuition Waiver
  • National Guard Tuition Waiver Program
  • North Dakota Veterans Cemetery – Mandan
  • MORE…

Are you a veteran who calls North Dakota home? Are you struggling to receive the benefits you have earned with your military service? VA Benefits Attorneys would be proud to serve as your North Dakota VA disability attorney.

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