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North Carolina takes pride in its military service and is home to many military installations. Fort Bragg is home to the Army 82nd Airborne and Army Special Operations Command. Marine Corps Camp Lejeune is the largest Marine Corps installation on the East Coast – and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Marine Corps Air Station New River are home to the Marine Corps Air Wing on the East Coast.

The many military installations in North Carolina means that many veterans call the Tar Heel State home. Veterans who live in North Carolina and have questions about disability benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may need a disability attorney. VABenefits Attorneys can help and would be proud to serve as your North Carolina VA disability attorney.

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FAQs About North Carolina VA Disability Benefits

We know you probably have questions about your VA disability benefits. How do you apply for disability? Does your injury, illness or medical condition qualify you for disability? What is your disability rating? Can your disability rating change? What is the PACT Act? 

We can answer all of these questions and more right here at VABenefits Attorneys. We have the legal expertise and knowledge to help ensure that you receive the benefits you have earned via your time in service.

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Are You Eligible for VA Disability Benefits in North Carolina?

The first question that we are often asked at VABenefits Attorneys is – am I eligible for VA disability? The basis for VA disability involves a service-related injury, illness or medical condition and veterans must meet a series of requirements to qualify.

Veterans must meet two primary criteria. Disabled veterans must have an injury, illness or medical condition that impacts the mind or body AND must have served in the military on active duty, active duty for training or inactive duty for training. In addition to the previous criteria, eligible veterans must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • You were injured or became ill while you served in the military and can link your medical condition to your time in service – called an in-service disability claim.
  • You had an injury or illness prior to joining the military that was made worse by your time in service – called a pre-service disability claim.
  • You have an injury, illness or disability that did not appear until after your time in service that can be connected to your military service – called a post-service disability claim.

What Additional Benefits Are Available to North Carolina Veterans?

Veterans in North Carolina have even more opportunities and benefits available to them via the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits available to North Carolina veterans include educational benefits with the Montgomery G.I. Bill, health and medical services at VA facilities, veterans home loans, preferred employment benefits, burial services, vocational rehabilitation and much more.

Who Qualifies for VA Disability Benefits?
What Injuries, Illnesses and Medical Conditions Qualify for VA Compensation?

What Injuries, Illnesses and Conditions Qualify for VA Disability Benefits?

Veterans have faced combat, hardship and more in service to their country – and the scars left by that service are not always visible. A variety of injuries, illnesses and medical conditions can qualify veterans for disability benefits and you may ask – does my injury make me eligible for benefits? We can help answer that question at VABenefits Attorneys.

Here is a short list of a few injuries, illnesses and medical conditions that make veterans eligible for monthly disability benefits and compensation.

  • Chronic Back, Neck and Knee Pain
  • Loss of Range of Motion
  • Lung Disease
  • Severe Scar Tissue
  • Severe Hearing Loss
  • Ulcers
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI
  • Mental Health Conditions – Depression and Anxiety
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD

How To Apply for VA Disability Benefits

Are you eligible for VA disability benefits? Are you unsure of how to apply for disability? VABenefits Attorneys is here to help you file your claim with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs when needed. Veterans can file for disability online at OR can download and print the online application, fill it out and return the form to the Winston-Salem VA Regional Office or additional VA facilities.

How Do I File for VA Disability in Wisconsin?
What Do I Do When a VA Disability Claim is Denied?

What To Do If Your VA Disability Claim is Denied

There is a chance that your VA disability claim may be denied – and it could be for a variety of reasons. This is where VABenefits Attorneys can help our North Carolina veterans the most. We understand the appeal process and can help you file your appeal and receive the benefits that you deserve. When your disability claim is denied, you have four appeal options – file a Supplemental Claim, file a Notice of Disagreement, request a Higher Level Review or present your case to a Veterans Law Judge.

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What Are the North Carolina State Veterans Benefits?

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs sets a foundation for veteran care and provides veterans with a wide variety of Federal benefits. North Carolina is proud of its veterans and provides its veterans with even more state benefits that include educational benefits, financial assistance, tax benefits, real estate benefits, burial services and much more.

Here is a closer look at state benefits available to veterans who call North Carolina home.

  • Veterans Homes – Black Mountain, Fayetteville, Kinston and Salisbury
  • Tax-Free Military Retirement Pay and Benefits
  • Tax-Free Property Tax for Disabled Veterans
  • Veterans Preference Employment Benefits
  • North Carolina Assistive Technology Program
  • Business Link North Carolina
  • North Carolina Scholarship for Children of Wartime Veterans
  • North Carolina Veterans Cemeteries

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