How Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating From 60% to 100%?

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Veterans who apply for service-connected disability with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will receive a disability rating that determines their amount of compensation. When veterans apply for VA disability benefits, they will undergo a detailed health assessment by medical professionals to determine the severity of their disability and be given a disability rating from 10% to 100% at 10% intervals.

VA disability ratings can be difficult for veterans to understand and many do not know that their veteran disability rating can be changed. Here at VA Benefits Attorneys, we are here to help ensure you receive the veterans benefits that you deserve and have earned with your service and sacrifice and we get many legal questions about disability ratings. Questions we receive include – how can I increase my VA disability rating from 60% to 100%? Here is a closer look at VA disability ratings to help you understand how you can change your disability rating.

Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating to 100%?

Are you a veteran with a service-connected injury, illness or medical condition? You may be eligible for VA disability benefits – and you may even have a disability rating. Veterans with a 100% disability rating are unable to work due to their disability and may rely on the compensation to support their families.

Veterans with a lower disability rating may want to increase their disability rating with the Department of Veterans Benefits. They may struggle with unseen injuries or medical conditions. They may have a medical condition that has gotten worse over time. They may be eligible for a higher disability rating. A 60% disability rating is considered severe – and it is not impossible to imagine that that disability rating may be increased to 100% as the disability evolves.

Here is a closer look at how VA Benefits Attorneys can help you increase your disability rating.

How To Increase Your VA Disability Rating

  • File an Appeal with the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • File an Updated Disability Claim for a Higher Rating
  • File for TDIU – Total Disability Individual Unemployability
  • File for a Secondary Service-Connected Claim
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What Is the Compensation Rate for a 60% VA Disability Rating?

A 60% disability rating by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reflects a significant disability and qualified veterans receive admirable compensation. VA disability compensation is intended to provide monetary support for veterans and their families for veterans who may not be able to work due to a service-related injury, illness or medical condition. Disability benefits vary based on the veteran’s marital status and the amount of claimed dependents.

Monthly Compensation for Veterans with a 60% Disability Rating

Veteran StatusMonthly Compensation
Single Veteran$1,319.65
Married Veteran$1,440.65
Married Veteran with a Parent$1,537.65
Married Veteran with Parents$1,634.65
Single Veteran with a Parent$1,416.65
Single Veteran with Parents$1,513.65
Single Veteran with Child$1,400.65
Married Veteran with Child$1,528.65
Married Veteran with Child and a Parent$1,625.65
Married Veteran with Child and Parents$1,722.65
Single Veteran with Child and a Parent$1,497.65
Single Veteran with Child and Parents$1,594.65

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We know that many veterans have questions about disability benefits. Questions like – how can I increase my VA disability rating from 60% to 100%? We are here to help answer your questions at VA Benefits Attorneys and help you get the benefits that you deserve. Contact VA Benefits Attorneys today for a FREE case review!

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