Will VA Disability Pay Increase in 2024?

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Veterans across the United States are concerned about the future of their benefits. Proposed and rumored budget cuts to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) budget have many veterans concerned about their disability benefits. Veterans disability benefits in the recent past have seen an annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and veterans who rely on disability pay each month want to know – will VA disability pay increase in 2024? We can help answer your questions about veteran disability benefits right here at VABenefits Attorneys!

What Will VA Disability Pay Rates Be in 2024?

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Veterans who collected disability in the past year saw a record 8.7% increase in disability pay in 2023 – a rate increase that is not expected to repeat in 2024. The United States Senate has approved a cost-of-living adjustment for the new year and disabled veterans can expect a more modest, estimated 2% to 3% COLA that will be finalized in October 2023. Veterans resources expect an estimated 2.9% increase in disability pay rates based on calculations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The estimated increase in disability compensation would take effect in December 2023. 

Disability compensation is based on the veteran’s disability rating provided by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical services and will vary based on marital status and the number of dependents. Veterans who are eligible for VA disability benefits will need to apply for a disability rating and can do so online, by mail or in person at a VA regional office.

Estimated VA Disability Pay Rates in 2024

VA Disability Rating10% Disability20% Disability30% Disability40% Disability50% Disability
Single Veteran$170.73$337.50$522.78$753.08$1,072.03
Veteran with Child$170.73$337.50$563.94$808.65$1,140.98
Veteran with Parent$170.73$337.50$572.18$818.94$1,155.38
Married Veteran$170.73$337.50$584.52$835.40$1,174.93
Married Veteran with Child$170.73$337.50$629.80$896.11$1,251.08
Additional Children Under 18$30.87$41.16$51.45
Additional Children 18 – 23$99.81$132.74$166.70
Aid and Attendance Spouse$57.62$76.15$95.70
VA Disability Rating60% Rating70% Rating80% Rating90% Rating100% Rating
Single Veteran$1,357.92$1,711.29$1,989.21$2,235.39$3,726.99
Veteran with Child$1,441.27$1,808.01$2,100.34$2,359.90$3,865.95
Veteran with Parent$1,457.73$1,827.57$2,121.95$2,384.59$3,893.76
Married Veteran$1,482.43$1,856.38$2,154.88$2,421.64$3,934.78
Married Veteran with Child$1,572.98$1,962.36$2,276.30$2,558.50$4,086.96
Additional Children Under 18$61.74$72.03$82.32$92.61$103.25
Additional Children 18 – 23$199.63$232.55$266.51$299.44$333.52
Aid and Attendance Spouse$114.22$133.77$152.29$171.84$190.58

How To Apply for a VA Disability Rating?

Have you served in the U.S. Military? Do you believe you qualify for VA disability benefits due to a service-related injury, illness or medical condition? You may not know where to apply to receive the disability benefits that you deserve and VABenefits Attorneys can help. When you apply for a VA disability rating and file a claim, you will need three things – VA medical and hospital records, your private medical records and hospital reports and supporting statements from friends and family. 

You can apply for veterans disability benefits online at www.va.gov/disability/file-disability-claim-form-21-526ez OR you can download VA Form 21-526EZ, fill it out and mail it to the Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Intake Center. Veterans who prefer to apply in person or have questions about the process can take the application to their regional office. If you have any additional questions, we are happy to help at VABenefits Attorneys. 

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Are you concerned about your VA disability benefits? You may have asked – will VA disability pay increase in 2024? Here is what we know so far at VABenefits Attorneys. Contact VABenefits Attorneys today for more information on your disability claim!

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