What is the Success Rate for Veteran Discharge Upgrades?

For many veterans, the character of service designation on their DD-214 (discharge certificate) can have a profound impact on their lives. An unfavorable discharge, such as “Other Than Honorable” (OTH) or “Dishonorable,” can significantly limit access to vital VA benefits like healthcare, disability compensation, and education assistance. 

Fortunately, a process exists for veterans to petition the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for a discharge upgrade, potentially unlocking these benefits and offering a sense of justice. But what are the chances of success for a VA discharge upgrade?

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Understanding Veteran Discharge Success Rates

Unfortunately, there’s no single, definitive answer to the success rate question. The likelihood of a successful upgrade hinges on a multitude of factors, including:

  • Reason for Discharge: Certain reasons for discharge, like mental health conditions diagnosed after service, may be met with more leniency due to the “Hagel Memo” and similar policies. Conversely, serious misconduct typically results in lower upgrade success rates.
  • Strength of Evidence: A well-documented case with supporting evidence, such as military records, medical documentation, witness testimonies, and character statements, significantly increases the chance of approval.
  • Representation: Having an experienced veterans advocate or attorney familiar with the discharge upgrade process can make a substantial difference in navigating the complexities and presenting a compelling case.

Despite the lack of a single success rate statistic, some anecdotal evidence offers a glimpse into the landscape. For instance, The National Center for PTSD reported a success rate exceeding 70% for veterans discharged due to PTSD under the “Hagel Memo.” However, it’s crucial to remember that these are isolated examples, and individual results may vary.

Factors Beyond Discharge Upgrade Success

While success rates are a natural concern, the decision to pursue a discharge upgrade should go beyond just numbers. Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Potential Benefits: A successful upgrade unlocks access to a wide range of VA benefits, impacting your financial security, healthcare needs, and educational opportunities.
  • Psychological Impact: For many veterans, an unfavorable discharge can be a source of shame and frustration. A successful upgrade can offer a sense of closure and recognition for their service.
  • Time Commitment: The discharge upgrade process can be lengthy and require gathering extensive documentation.
  • Financial Costs: Hiring an attorney or advocate may incur fees, although some veteran service organizations offer pro bono assistance.

Strategies for Increasing Your Chances of VA Discharge Upgrade Success

If you’re considering a discharge upgrade, here are some steps to maximize your chances:

  • Gather Evidence: Collect all relevant documents pertaining to your service, discharge reason, any medical conditions, and potential mitigating circumstances.
  • Understand Your Discharge: Research the specific regulations and policies surrounding your discharge type. This knowledge helps tailor your arguments and gather relevant evidence.
  • Seek Guidance: Consider consulting with veterans service organizations (VSOs) like the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), or Disabled American Veterans (DAV). They offer invaluable resources and may provide free legal representation for qualified cases.
  • Build a Strong Case: Present a clear, concise narrative outlining the reason for the upgrade request, supported by comprehensive documentation and witness statements.
  • Be Patient: The discharge upgrade process can take months or even years. Remain persistent and maintain clear communication with your representative.

VA Benefits Attorneys and Discharge Upgrades

The success rate for VA discharge upgrades hinges on a complex interplay of factors. While statistics can provide a general sense of the landscape, the importance of pursuing an upgrade is a personal decision. 

Having a VA benefits attorney can improve your chances of upgrading your discharge and ultimately approving your claim. In fact, there are many VA benefits attorneys who work extensively with veterans in an attempt to improve their discharge status. 

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